St Jude’s In The City

We're back in London, at Fournier Street in the heart of Spitalfields, for an event co-curated with The Town House proprietor Fiona Atkins.

The event, part of Shoreditch Design Triangle, sees the launch of the first in a series of wallpapers by Edward Bawden, forming part of our St Jude's Studio Archive range.

Painter-printmaker Mark Hearld launches a new fabric, Bantam Bough, celebrating his tenth anniversary of collaboration with St Jude's. His award winning Harvest Hare wallpaper and fabric also has a new colourway, Provençal Blue, showcased, together with his recent Cirque d'Hiver fabric.

Alongside a selection of our fabrics and wallpapers, we're exhibiting limited edition prints by St Jude's co-founder Angie Lewin, Edward Bawden and Christopher Brown.

From Wednesday 20th September until Sunday 24th September 2017 at The Town House, 5 Fournier Street, E1 6QE Find out more

Opening times:

Wednesday 20th September 11am-6pm
Thursday 21st September 11am-8pm
Friday 22nd September 11am-6pm
Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September 11am-5pm

Seaweed wallpaper by Edward Bawden

Edward Bawden's 1927 Seaweed wallpaper, reissued by St Jude's in September

Harvest Hare by Mark Hearld

Mark Hearld's Harvest Hare wallpaper in Provençal Blue

Nature Study, Late Summer by Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin's Nature Study, Late Summer screen print

Working on Bantam Bough by Mark Hearld

Working on Mark Hearld's forthcoming Bantam Bough fabric for St Jude's

Albion linocut by Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown's Albion linocut, the starting point for his first wallpaper for St Jude's