All Creatures…

Mark Hearld has curated a new exhibition at Scarborough Art Gallery entitled 'All Creatures...' for which he has selected specimens of taxidermy from the Scarborough Collections.

Mark shared some of the details of this new exhibition with us...

"It has been a delight to take Scarborough's fantastic natural history collection out of the stores and display it afresh  - a Galápagos tortoise and an egg from the extinct Great Auk are among many scientifically significant specimens. I took great pleasure in displaying a pair of mute swans and a group coughs restored and remounted for the exhibition by York taxidermist David Astley against aquamarine painted walls in the gallery. The exhibition is collage of forms in space and beauty in nature."

Mark has also created three new works of his own for the exhibition and these collages (of Grey Plovers, a Peregrine Falcon and a Herring gull) will become part of Scarborough Museum Trust's collection. and you'll have a chance to see Mark's largest linocut yet.

Mark takes inspiration from his wonder at the natural world, with animals and plants at the heart of his work. His work encompasses a range of different artistic forms including limited edition prints, unique paintings, collages, hand-painted ceramics. He also designs a range of fabrics and wallpaper for St Jude's.

Scarborough Museums Trust collections manager Jennifer Dunne explains...

"Mark’s work is known and admired around the world, so we’re delighted to have three new images of his as part of the Collections. His view on our taxidermy specimens is unique – visitors to the gallery will see them in a way they’ve never been seen before.”

The exhibition runs at Scarborough Art Gallery until 25th September 2016. Find out more from the Scarborough Museums Trust website.