Tommy Perman

From 9th May until 9th June 2014 artist Tommy Perman will be exhibiting a new collection of drawings at The Skylark in Portobello. The drawings are inspired by visits the glasshouses at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

"I grew up in the centre of Edinburgh and even though this is a relatively green city I still feel disconnected from nature. I've spent much of my career drawing the chaotic geometry of the city, often going to great lengths to remove any signs of life, so I've surprised myself by developing an interest in plants.

I like to set rules and limitations for my drawings. For this set I have limited myself to black on white and each image is contained within a circle. So that I didn't stray too far from familiar territory I have focused on plants with bold striking markings and structure that's almost architectural."

Born in 1980, Edinburgh, Scotland, Tommy Perman is an artist, designer and musician who works in a variety of media including visual art, performance, sound and music. He has a particular interest in combining new digital technologies with traditional techniques and materials. Between 2002 – 2013 Tommy was a member of the artist collective / band FOUND. As part of FOUND, Tommy has released numerous records and co-created a collection of weird and wonderful interactive sound installations including Cybraphon and #UNRAVEL.

Tommy has recently been working with Rob St. John on the art-science Water of Life project. They have contributed to the forthcoming issue two of our journal Random Spectacular and have created this audio accompaniment.

The exhibition runs from 9th May until 9th June 2014 at The Skylark, 241-243 Portobello High Street, Portobello, EH15 2AW.

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