Harry Cory Wright

From 19th June to 14th September 2013, photographer Harry Cory Wright will be exhibiting at Eleven, a gallery in London.

Hey Charlie is a celebration of over fifty years of Cory Wright's involvement with a particular bend in a river and the field beside it. These joyful images are the culmination of a lifetime of experience of the place in which he grew up and to which he has stayed connected throughout his life.

For many years Harry worked exclusively with a large 10" x 8" Gandolfi plate camera but this exhibition sees him combining this and digital approaches...

"The particular - and somewhat self-important - nature of the 10 x 8 inch negative has always elevated the picture taking process and given weight to the final piece. I have found that working with digital cameras has allowed me to retain the importance of 'being there' and the photographic element of 'witness', and to add a further distillation of those aspects in post-production. In this series, where there is such a blend of real and fantasy, this combination of working methods has been invaluable."

A number of years ago I was lucky enough to spend a day in Norfolk with Harry - it was illuminating hearing about the way he approaches the capturing of his images. 

Merrell publish Journey Through The British Isles which records the variety of natural landscapes that make up the British Isles. You can view images from the book over at Harry's website.

Find out more about Hey Charlie which runs from 19th June to 14th September at Eleven, 11 Ecleston Street, London SW1W 9LX.