Bernard Cheese

We had the pleasure of printmaker Chloe Cheese’s company recently. She was staying with us in Edinburgh, working on images for our forthcoming St. Jude’s In The City exhibition at The Scottish Gallery in July.

A short time after her return south we were saddened to hear from Chloe that her father, the painter and printmaker Bernard Cheese, had passed away.

I was very lucky to be taught by Bernard throughout my three years at Central St. Martin’s in the 1980s. He inspired me in all aspects of printmaking, especially linocut, lithography and the inclusion of collage in my work and was particularly encouraging in the run up to my final show.

Married to Sheila Robinson, Bernard Cheese lived in Great Bardfield in the 1950s, exhibiting regularly in local exhibitions with neighbours Edward Bawden, John Aldridge, Michael Rothenstein and Marianne Straub.

The images below are courtesy of The Fry Art Gallery in Saffron Walden who hold many of Bernard’s prints in their archives.

And here’s an obituary from The Guardian.

Chloe Cheese will be one of the ten printmakers taking part in our St. Jude's In The City exhibition in Edinburgh in July.