The Man with the Beautiful Eyes

We'd been aware of Jonny Hannah's The Man with the Beautiful Eyes animation for some but we've only just found it online.

I asked Jonny for a few words about the film...

"The Man with the Beautiful Eyes is an adaptation of a poem by my favourite author, Charles Bukowski. I collaborated with the very talented animator Jonathan Hodgson and the animation was produced by Jonathan Bairstow of Sherbet for Channel 4TV.

We made it as traditionally as possible with no Photoshop trickery - the majority of it being paint on paper, 12 frames a second.

It was a dream job to work on and it seemed to grow in a very organic manner, until a year and a half later, it was a finished 6 minute film. We won many awards, including the animation BAFTA in 2000 and lead to a variety of commissioned ads for American TV."

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