Ravilious In Pictures

A new book about Eric Ravilious is due to be published in early December by The Mainstone Press (who previously published Eric Ravilious - The Story of High Street and Entertaining À La Carte, profiling Edward Bawden's work for Fortnum & Mason).

The chalk downland of southern England inspired Eric Ravilious to produce some of his finest paintings. Raised in Edwardian Eastbourne, he rediscovered the South Downs in 1934 and over the next five years painted a series of watercolours that capture the beauty and mystery of this unique landscape.

Twenty-two of these stunning paintings are featured in a new, 48 page hardback  book 'Ravilious In Pictures: Sussex and the Downs'. This, the first in a series of books  celebrating the watercolours and landscapes of Eric Ravilious, will be available  from St. Jude's early in December, priced at £25.00.

Each painting is accompanied by a short essay in which author James Russell explores the intriguing stories hidden behind the scenes – stories about Ravilious and his circle, English culture in the 1930s and the constantly evolving landscape in which Ravilious chose to work. As a whole, the essays paint a captivating portrait of this popular English artist.

ravilious in pictures