Clifford Ellis

On a recent trip to Edinburgh I came across this stunning lithograph by Clifford Ellis at the Eye Two Gallery. Thankfully (for my wallet) there was a red dot on the print.

The lithograph was part of an exhibition that covered work produced at 'Corsham' or the Bath Academy of Art.

The Academy opened in 1946 with Clifford Ellis as First Principal, creator and founder. Through the years Ellis invited young artists to teach - and many of these artists would become influential figures in today’s art world. William Scott, Terry Frost, Howard Hodgkin, Robyn Denny and Henry Cliffe were amongst them.

Clifford and Rosemary Ellis are perhaps best known for the covers they designed for the ‘New Naturalist’ series of books published in the Fifties. Amongst other commercial work they designed a range of posters - including this Shell poster for Appledore that we currently have at the gallery.