Several years ago, a chance meeting at our former Norfolk gallery with Paul Hammond of Ultramarine - a band I'd followed since their first album Folk - led to discoveries of shared interests/inspirations.

Now writing and recording again, 2013 will see the release of the band's 6th album This Time Last Year.

We're delighted that Ultramarine will feature in the second issue of our journal Random Spectacular - with an interview by James Nice of LTM Recordings, illustrated by Heretic. A specially written audio piece will accompany.

The blog Your Heart Out have just published this brilliant zine which talks about Ultramarine and all sorts of other connections - including a mention of our friends at Caught By The River.

Here are some images from the Ultramarine blog and associated Survey East photographic project.

Ultramarine's This Time Last Year will be released 30th September 2013 on Real Soon.










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Ben Rinnes

We spend a fair amount of time up in North East Scotland and I've noticed that Ben Rinnes is creeping into a number of my prints and watercolours, such as Ben Rinnes Jug with Feathers (below). Probably not surprising considering the fact it's one of the views from my studio.

At 2733 feet it's Morayshire's highest freestanding mountain but not quite tall enough to be classed as a Munro - that said, from its summit you can see eight counties - Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Moray, Nairnshire, Inverness-shire, Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland and Caithness.

In Ben Rinnes Jug with Feathers, the mountain forms the backdrop to a still life featuring a cherished Mocha ware jug with feathers, teasels and a few beachcombed objects.

This original watercolour drawing features in the forthcoming St. Jude's exhibition at The Scottish Gallery which opens on Wednesday 3rd July 2013.

Here are a few images of the painting and Ben Rinnes through the year (the sunrise image hasn't been edited!).


rinnes rainbow2

benrinnesB 2

rinnes sunrise2

rinners shadow2

rinnes snow 2

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David Cass

Currently on show at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh is 'Years of Dust and Dry',  a solo exhibition by David Cass.

A recent graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, David has had a flying start to his career: a recipient of the RSA John Kinross travelling scholarship to Florence, Cass already has six paintings in the RSA collection.

As Guy Peploe of The Scottish Gallery explains...

“David Cass has an innate understanding of matière; a sensitivity to material, it’s texture, tone, pigment, weight and beyond this its context, history and emotional resonance. He works with found objects and by an act of appropriation and minimal intervention – perhaps merely turning the front of a drawer through ninety degrees – he creates works of art with quiet authority."

His exhibition at The Scottish Gallery runs until Saturday 29th June 2013. Highly recommended.






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Alex Malcolmson

In the July 2013 issue of Country Living magazine you can find out more about Shetland born artist Alex Malcolmson who appears in their 'Meet The Maker' feature.

We had the pleasure of working with Alex on his sold-out exhibition of work at our former Norfolk gallery. And in May 2014 we'll be exhibiting Alex's work, alongside prints by Angie Lewin at our next St. Jude's In The City event in London.

Although it's some time away, if you'd like details of this and other events and activities, do sign up for our newsletter.

Find out more about Alex Malcolmson's work.







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Harry Cory Wright

From 19th June to 14th September 2013, photographer Harry Cory Wright will be exhibiting at Eleven, a gallery in London.

Hey Charlie is a celebration of over fifty years of Cory Wright's involvement with a particular bend in a river and the field beside it. These joyful images are the culmination of a lifetime of experience of the place in which he grew up and to which he has stayed connected throughout his life.

For many years Harry worked exclusively with a large 10" x 8" Gandolfi plate camera but this exhibition sees him combining this and digital approaches...

"The particular - and somewhat self-important - nature of the 10 x 8 inch negative has always elevated the picture taking process and given weight to the final piece. I have found that working with digital cameras has allowed me to retain the importance of 'being there' and the photographic element of 'witness', and to add a further distillation of those aspects in post-production. In this series, where there is such a blend of real and fantasy, this combination of working methods has been invaluable."

A number of years ago I was lucky enough to spend a day in Norfolk with Harry - it was illuminating hearing about the way he approaches the capturing of his images. 

Merrell publish Journey Through The British Isles which records the variety of natural landscapes that make up the British Isles. You can view images from the book over at Harry's website.

Find out more about Hey Charlie which runs from 19th June to 14th September at Eleven, 11 Ecleston Street, London SW1W 9LX.




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Barnett Freedman

The Gentle Author’s Spitalfields Life blog has become a regular stopping off point when online, with new posts published daily. Today, guest contributor David Buckman (author of From Bow To Biennale about the East London Group) has written a feature on the artist Barnett Freedman - explaining why the work of this contemporary of Bawden and Ravilious deserves to be more widely known.

His colour and black and white lithographic illustrations for Siegfried Sassoon's ‘Memoirs of an Infantry Officer’ first attracted me to his work when I spotted a copy in a bookshop in Museum Street when I was still a student but, as it was a first edition, it was way beyond my means and stayed firmly put on the shelf.

Alongside his illustration and printmaking, he also produced typographic work embellished with the textures and patterns that resulted from his skilled celebration of the lithographic process. Clients included Ealing Films, British Petroleum, General Post Office and Wedgwood.

We were lucky enough to purchase a couple Freedman pieces a couple of years ago via Simon Lawrence at Fleece Press who is representing an archive on behalf of the Barnett Freedman Estate.

Read David Buckman’s article in full over at Spitalfields Life. Images courtesy of Special Collections, Manchester Metropolitan University and Fleece Press.

Find our more about the work available from Fleece Press.







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Bronwen Sleigh: Construct

We popped along to the opening of Bronwen Sleigh's latest exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers on Saturday.

Inspired by industrial architecture, forgotten urban spaces and environments at the edges of our cities, Bronwen uses photography, drawing and model making to explore a given space, shifting between 2D and 3D and often borrowing the aesthetic of the industrial and the weathered.

Bronwen Sleigh: Construct showcases prints, drawings and objects made over the last three years including work that has been commissioned and published by Edinburgh Printmakers.

The exhibition runs until 20th July 2013 at Edinburgh Printmakers, 23 Union Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LR. Visit their website for further details. Highly recommended.





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